Since July 2013 the Gawler Regional Natural Resource Centre Inc. (NRC) has helped facilitate a soft plastics kerbside collection trial. This ongoing trial is a collaboration between NAWMA and VISY and gives residents in the Gawler Council area the opportunity to recycle soft plastics through the yellow-lid recycling bin.

How it Works

If you live in the Gawler area and have your recycling collected by NAWMA fortnightly on a Friday you can take part in this trial by getting your hands on a yellow plastic bag from the Gawler NRC.

  1. Collect a bag from the Gawler NRC
  2. Fill up the bag with soft plastics
  3. Tie off the bag and out all of the air
  4. Put the bag into a yellow-lid recycling bin

What are soft plastics?

Soft plastics are plastics that do not return to their original shape when they are squashed, including:

  • Shopping bags
  • Bread bags (crumbs removed)
  • Biscuit wrappers
  • Cling wrap

What cannot go in the bag?

  • NO silver backed plastics eg. Chip packets (these can be recycled at Coles)
  • NO onion netting bags (these are hard plastic and go into your milk bottle- refer to the Recycling @ home page)
  • NO biscuit trays (these are hard plastic and go into your recycling bin)

If you live outside of the Gawler Council area you can still be involved!

Live outside of the Gawler Council are?

People who live outside of the Gawler area can still be involved in the trial. Follow all of the steps mentioned on this flyer, however when it comes to disposing of the bag you have two options:

  1. Bring the bag into the Gawler NRC and we will place it in our bin
  2. Give it to a friend or family member who lives in the Gawler area for them to put it in their bin

 Storing the yellow bag

The each yellow bag you receive comes with its own individual clear plastic tie. There are holes punched in the side of the bags for securing the tie to it, so it is not lost. It can be used, for example, to secure the bag to the side of your recycling bin as you fill it.

Clean soft plastics

It is important that all bags are clean and do not contain any contaminating food scraps, hard plastic or wire ties. Please do not include silver backed plastics that you find in chip and muesli bar packets. These can be recycled through the soft plastics recycling scheme at Coles.

Tying off the bag

When the bag is full push the material down as far as possible. Evenly gather up the top of the bag and squeeze out as much air as possible (kneeling on the bag helps to squeeze the air out). This is important, as the plastic is so strong that if you leave too much air in the bag, any pressure on the bag, (for example when it is in the truck under other material), may ‘pop’ open the bag releasing the material. When you have as much air out as possible, use the plastic tie to tie off the top. Make sure the knot is as tight as possible and you have gathered up all the sides. We want the bag and the material to be able to travel down to NAWMA for sorting without breaking or opening at the top.

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If you have any questions about recycling soft plastics or unsure if a particular item can be recycled please contact us 8523 7715 or